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Bubbling Bath Fizz


Enjoy a relaxing sudsy bath and silky soft skin.

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Think of it as a loose bath bomb for your tub, will fizz & bubble while softening your skin as you soak!

The Pouches are a full 4 ounces in wt.

Ingredients:  Sodium Bicarbonate [Baking Soda], Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (derived from coconut & palm oils: 100% natural origin), Magnesium Sulfate [Epsom Salts], Citric Acid, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride [Fractionated Coconut Oil], Tapioca Starch, Fragrance Oil(s) and a skin-safe, non-staining Colorant.

Add desired amount to running bath water.  (Recommended amount is 1 TBSP, but more or ALL is fine depending upon the amount of fizz & bubbles you desire).  Reseal bag for use next time!  Relax and soak, the ingredients are also great skin softeners!
*As always, discontinue use if irritation occurs!

[On a personal note: I used 1 TBSP and got nice fizz & bubble action. and SOFT skin!!  As with any add-in bath product, I did wipe down my bathtub afterwards to prevent staining.]

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