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You have a lot to think about…let US keep your cabinet stocked with your faves!

Our Auto-Ship option allows you to receive your favorite Nessa’s products on a bi-weekly basis.  Just as you are running out of your lovely lotions and potions, you will receive another pretty package.  Don’t use one up in time?  Now you have a perfect gift for a friend, you smart girl!


Q: How often do you ship?

A: We ship monthly.  This has proven to be the best timeline for auto ship.


Q: Can I turn off my auto-ship easily?

A: Yes!  Simply log in to your account, and you can “pause” your auto-ship.  You can then go in and make it active again whenever you would like.


Q: Are there any perks to auto-ship?

A:  Besides the obvious convenience factor, we give all of our auto- ship gals 10% OFF on their auto-ship orders.  If you pause your auto-ship, you will pay full price on your stand alone orders.


Q: How do I sign up?

A: There isn’t an official sign up page, you simply choose to have auto ship when you choose an Auto Ship listed product.  For example, when you go to our Auto Ship Page, you can choose the scent from there.


Q: Can I have different scents auto-shipped to me?

A: Yes!  We would be happy to mix them up for you, and surprise you, OR you can contact us with your faves for auto ship and we will make a note to send you those scents.